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Quickbooks to AccountEdge Conversions

Types of Conversions from Quickbooks to Accountedge with time estimates

Basic Conversion - $400 to $500*(To start a clean new accounting file) - 2 Days

The new AccountEdge file will have.

• All Account and Budget information

• All Items, Auto-Build Items, Price Levels, Tax Codes, Brands and Internet Tags

• All Cards - Customers, Vendors, Employees, Other Contacts, Jobs and ToDo's

• All Detailed Lists - Customer and Vendor Types, Item Types, Payment Types, Shipping Types, Invoice Comments and Vehicles

• The Chart of Accounts will be accurate and match Quickbooks as of conversion date (Using Accural Balance Sheet & Accural P & L)

• The current AR, AP and Inventory Levels will match Quickbooks as of conversion date. (We can not import negative inventory)

* See Below for exceptions

Fiscal Year Conversion - $1500 - 2000* (1 year of Quickbook Data) - 5 Days

The new AccountEdge file will have.

• All Basic Conversion Data listed above

• All Sales, Sales Orders and Customer Payments.

• All Purchases, Purchase Orders and Vendor Payments

• All Spend money and Receive Money Transactions.

• All General Journal Transactions.

• All Inventory Adjustments.

• All Payroll Transactions, including Tax Payments and Payroll Checks

• All General Journal Transactions

• All data is imported into AccountEdge and the P&L and Balance Sheet is compared to Quickbooks to ensure they balance.  Entry errors in the Quickbooks file can add time to the process.

* See below for exceptions

Multiple Year Conversion - $1500-$5000* (Up to 7 years of Quickbooks Data) - 7 Days

Same as full conversion above except we can import up to 6 additional years of Quickbooks data. Pricing is normally an extra $500 per each additional year.  So a full converion for 7 years would be 1-the basic conversion price $500 + 2- first year conversion price $1500 + 6 additional years $3000.  Total price of $$5000

*Exceptions (Things  you might have to do,  or might raise the conversion cost)

Basic and Full Conversion Differences

1 - Quickbooks items have an item name and item description.  AE has an item# (46 Characters), item name (62 Characters) and a description.  The QB item name will become the AE item#.  The QB description will become the AE item name, but the name will cutoff at 62 characters so we (or you) will have to cleanup the item name to match a max of 62 Characters.  The QB name will become the AE description and can be used on invoices and purchases. AccountEdge also has a limit of 6 pricing levels.

2 - Jobs - In QB any card could be used as a job#.  In AE the job# must be created.  We can create the jobs from the QB data but are limited to 15 characters for the job#.  We cannot have duplicate jobs in AE.  So we might have to use numbers for the jobs, you can later change them.

3 - Payroll - Payroll accounts must be setup to match the way you do payroll for your company.

4 - Invoice & PO numbers cannot be over 12 characters.  Substitute invoice and purchase numbers will be created.  A reference to the old invoice or purchase number is created on the invoice or purchase.  Lots of big invoice or purchase numbers can add time to the conversion process.

5 - Every Purchase & Sale must have a PO# or Invoice#, the Pur/Inv#  must be unique.  Non unique Pur/Inv# can add time and cost.

6 - Credit invoices and purchases must be manually applied to open invoices.   (Adds time and cost to conversion process)

7 - Customer & PO Discounts can not be imported.  Must be manually entered. (Adds time and cost to conversion process)

9 - Payroll transactions cannot be imported as payroll transactions.  They are imported as a Check to the Employee with all the payroll transactions are posted inside of the check detail.  (We can add them manually as a payroll transactions, this adds time and cost)

10 - Voided checks are not transfer (unless you want them to be

11 - Deposits and bank reconcilations are entered at the end of the year (We can match all deposits and reconcillations but it adds time and cost to conversion process)