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Quickbooks to AccountEdge Conversions

Types of Conversions from Quickbooks to Accountedge

Basic Conversion - $400 to $500*(To start a clean new accounting file) - 2 Day Turn around

The new AccountEdge file will have.

• All Account and Budget information

• All Items, Auto-Build Items, Price Levels, Tax Codes, Brands and Internet Tags

• All Cards - Customers, Vendors, Employees, Other Contacts, Jobs and ToDo's

• All Detailed Lists - Customer and Vendor Types, Item Types, Payment Types, Shipping Types, Invoice Comments and Vehicles

• The Chart of Accounts will be accurate and match Quickbooks as of conversion date (Using Accural Balance Sheet and Accural P & L)

• The current AR, AP and Inventory Levels will match Quickbooks as of conversion date. (We can not import negative inventory levels)

* See Below for exceptions

Fiscal Year Conversion - $1500 - 2000* (1 year of Quickbook Historical Data) - 5 Day Turn around

The new AccountEdge file will have.

• All Basic Conversion Data listed above

• All Sales, Sales Orders and Customer Payments.

• All Purchases, Purchase Orders and Vendor Payments

• All Spend money and Receive Money Transactions.

• All General Journal Transactions.

• All Inventory Adjustments.

• All Payroll Transactions, including Tax Payments and Payroll Checks

• All General Journal Transactions

• All data is imported into AccountEdge and the P&L and Balance Sheet is compared to Quickbooks to ensure they balance.  Entry errors in the Quickbooks file can add time to the process.

* See below for exceptions

Multiple Year Conversions - $1500 - $5000* (Up to 7 years of Quickbooks Historical Data) - 7 Day Turn around

Same as full conversion above except we can import up to 6 additional years of Quickbooks data. Pricing is normally an additional $500 per each additional year.  So a full converion for 7 years would be 1-the basic conversion price $500 + 2- first year conversion price $1500 + 6 additional years $3000.  Total price of $$5000

*Exceptions and Conversion Differences (Things  you might have to do,  or might raise the conversion cost)

Basic Conversion Differences

1 - Quickbooks items have an item name and item description.  AE has an item number (46 Characters), item name (62 Characters) and a description.  The Quickbooks item will become the AccountEdge item.  The Quickbooks description will become the AE item name, but the name will cutoff at 62 characters so we (or you) will have to cleanup the item name to match a max of 62 Characters.  The full QB name will become the AE description and can be used on invoices and purchases. AccountEdge also has a limit of 6 pricing levels.

2 - Jobs - In Quickbooks any card could be used as a job#.  In AccountEdge the job# must be created.  We can create the jobs from the Quickbooks data but are limited to 15 characters for the job#.  We cannot have duplicate jobs in AccountEdge.  So we might have to use numbers for the jobs, you can later change the numbers to what ever you want.

3 - Payroll - Payroll accounts must be setup to match the way you do payroll for your company.

Full Conversion Differences

4 - Invoice and purchase numbers cannot be over 12 characters.  Substitute invoice and purchase numbers will be created.  A reference to the old invoice or purchase number is created on the invoice or purchase.  Lots of big invoice or purchase numbers can add time to the conversion process.

5 - Every Purchase and Sale must have a PO# or Invoice#, the Pur/Inv#  must be unique.  Non unique Pur/Inv# can add time and cost to the conversion process.

6 - Credit invoices and purchases must be manually applied to open invoices.   (Adds time and cost to conversion process)

7 - Discounts that are applied when receiving a customer payment can not be imported.  Must be manually entered. (Adds time and cost to conversion process)

9 - Payroll transactions cannot be imported as payroll transactions.  They are imported as a Check to the Employee with all the payroll transactions are posted inside of the check detail.

10 - Voided checks are not transfer (unless you want them to be

11 - Deposits are entered at the end of the year and then balanced unless you want us to match each deposit to quickbooks (Adds time and cost to conversion process)

12 - Bank accounts are reconciled at the end of each year to match Quickbooks